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Welcome to the Kopparberg mineralshow             July 28-29th 2018!

Here is a link for a detailed map of Kopparberg:
the mineralshow is held in Gruvstugetorget in central Kopparberg. 

WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 59° 52.529', E 14° 59.898'

WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 59.87549, 14.99830

RT90 : 6639846, 1454810

SWEREF99 TM: 6637544, 499905

If you need accommodations for staying overnight, here is a useful link:

And to our restaurants:

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28.11 | 11:07


27.11 | 15:27

hallo to kopparberg from potsdam , i want to take part at your mineralshow next summer as an exhibitor. minerals from south morocco all collected by myself.

14.06 | 03:17

I want to participate in July Gemstones and Minerals Exhibition please send me mire details information by Email address is

02.05 | 10:26

Jeg har glemt passordet for å komme inn i nettbutikken.
Vennlig hilsen
Anne-Karin Bremnes Ulvatn, Universitetsmuseet i Bergen

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